Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where do you go for the best burger in Singapore: I recommend &Made

Burgers. Simple meal. Meat, bun, a bit of cheese. What could be more simple. But a good burger is hard to find. A great burger is worth a trip just to eat.

I have chronicled my burger adventures in Singapore for a while. From the high brow Daniel Bolud's wagyu and foie gras creation, to my favourite from Fullerton Bay. But this one at &Made by Bruno Menard beats them all!

Best burger I have eaten.

Beautiful. The meat is dry aged angus. Not wagyu, which I feel is probably wasted on burger. The meat is hand chopped, and grilled to perfection. A small of melted cheese, slap on the bun and viola, ready to go!

Shown above is their B-Burger, just a plain burger...and boy what a burger. I also tried the equally amazing bacon burger:

Glorious! Same beautifully made and cooked patty. But with some lettuce, tomato, and gorgeous crisp bacon! Delicious does not begin to describe this! Truly magnificent.

But that is not all, their fries are also fabulous. Reminded me of the fries I had in Paris. Beautifully thin shoestring fries. Crispy on the outside, and creamy on the inside. Shiok!

Their dessert is also superb. We had the molten caramel cake.

Superb. The cake was made just right...if I was forced to criticize, then perhaps a bit more moist would be perfect. But cut open, revealing the molten caramel. Gorgeous! Went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream coated with what I think is sliced toasted almonds.

Very highly recommended. I will be back for more. Their menu also offers pork and lamb burgers, and steak and one gets in Paris. I tried the steak and fries at their sister restaurant L'Entrecot. The steak is good, but not totally spectacular, but the fries, the same as you get with your &Made burger is absolutely wonderful.

9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
6690 7566

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