Monday, October 21, 2013

Gusto Restaurant reopens after makeover

Gusto, the Italian restaurant at the corner of Ion has reopened, after a makeover. With a new menu, new seating.

A totally new menu, East meets West...Gusto's new menu features intresting dishes like the soft shelled crab, served with a quirky do-it-yourself crab shaker. A very nicely done crisp soft shell crab is served with a paper bag and a small satchet of seasoning. Dump the crab and the house made ginger seasoning into the paper bag, shake and serve. Nice!

Tastes delicious! Addictive. I almost couldn't stop eating...but the allure of the other dishes called...and the tender lamb ribs with a crunchy corn bread coating was another interesting dish...tender meat, on the bone, coated with a crispy crust. Some of the other dishes were also quite interesting, like the Tomato Beer...looks like a glass of beer, even smells like one, but tastes like tomato juice.

Seating for 160 pax is available, with most of it along the side of ION...some 60m long.

The menu is designed by Chef Tim Ross-Watson, who was formerly from Eponymous Gordon Ramsay, and the Head Chef Julius De Sagan takes charge of the kitchen.

Very nice concept. Good for evening chill outs. Many thanks to Amira for the invitation and hosting the Media Lunch.

Gusto Restaurant

#01-15 ION Orchard

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