Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dajie Wanton mee: an institution

Wanton mee is another of the nice (almost little) meals we can have in Singapore. Quite a balanced meal on a have the carbs, the greens, the proteins...but also with a bit...ok, a generous bit of fat.

One of the interesting ones I discovered recently...this stall have been serving great WTM for a long time, but for me this is a new discovery...good to just "friend" KF Seetoh on Facebook..haha.

Dajie, or Linda as she is known is the owner and operator, and have been running this stall, quite famous for the braised chicken feet in her wanton noodles. I don't quite cozy to the idea of the chicken feet...I do like them, but not especially I ordered the wanton mee.

The noodles are quite good. The noodles are very nice, al dente, with a very fragrant eggy flavour. Lard is used, and this fortified the noodles even more, making it even more shiok. The char siew is ok, not anything special. The deep fried wanton is quite good. Crispy, nice meat filling within. The wanton in the soup was also very good, but I found the skin to be a bit thicker than the wonderfully delicate ones we get in Hong Kong.

I met with Roy...Linda's husband, and discovered they have recently taken up cycling as well...riding roadies from their place in Senkang...we talked shop about bikes a while. And I left the stall, feeling nice and comfortable with the food. And warm and fuzzy with the hospitality. Definitely recommended.

Dajie Chicken Feet Noodle

209 Jalan Besar (corner of Jalan Besar and Sam Leong Road)

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