Thursday, October 17, 2013

The University Club: by Prive

While NUS is my alma mater, its been a long while since I ate there. So when my friend...a specialist in campus food, recommended The University Club, it piqued my interest, and quickly a small group was assembled for a tasting.

Operated by the Prive Group, and on lovely premises within the Shaw Foundation in the Kent Ridge campus, the restaurant looked very nice.

There were 8 of us who attended the lunch, so there were a variety of dishes that was ordered. We all had the Set Lunch...$25 for 2 courses, $28 for 3 course including coffee or tea. Quite good value, methinks.

I ordered the 3 course meal, starting with crab cakes.

Very nicely done! The cake is loosely formed, probably by hand, into a very savoury cake...with lots of crab meat, and hardly any filler. Sits on a few strands of asparagus, and piled with a sweet, sour sauce and salad. Delicious.

My neighbour had the scallops, which also looked wonderful.

For my mains, I had the braised lamb shank...

A whole shank, rather large serving. Wonderfully braised. Very tender, and full flavoured...I don't mean strong lamb/mutton type odours, but a beautiful, aromatic perfume which wafts into the nostrils...very nice. The meat was excellent as well.

And the steak being served next to me looked equally marvellous

And for dessert, I ordered one of my favourites...sticky date pudding...

Thumbs up! The pudding is done just right...correct consistency...with a bit of bounce, and a consistency which resists crumbling, but yet soft enough to break open at the prodding of the spoon. The scoop of ice cream went nicely, as ice cream tend to do, and the butterscotch bits provided crunch, and an intense sweet note...kind of like an orchestra crescendo over the sweetness of the pudding and the ice cream.

Excellent meal, well priced. Beautiful dining room and good service.

The University Club
Shaw Foundation Alumni House, #04-02
11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244

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