Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wonderful curry noodles with chicken chop: Cantonese Delights

Sometimes, even for a jaded foodie...there are dishes which revitalizes one's outlook for food. Cantonese Delights, a little stall in Hong Lim Complex is one such place.

It renewed my interest in curry noodles. To a thick, savoury, spicy, wonderfully aromatic curry poured over egg noodles, they add a slab of deep fried, crispy chicken chop.

Truly magnificent. Very nice. The curry was done very well. Tastes wonderful. And the crispy chicken chop is a mastertouch. It goes so well, I wonder why no other stalls are doing the same. The chicken is crisp on the outside, but nice, tender, juicy within. Delicious!

Their curry yong tau foo is also quite famous...

Another superb dish. This style of yong tau foo...where you don't choose the pieces which goes into comes standard. The lady boss just ask if you want bitter gourd and other option. Comes with a deep fried very crisp bean curd skin. Same wonderful curry. Magnificent.

Definitely highly recommended. But come early...queues start to form early and are quite long. I waited some 25 minutes on a weekday lunchtime...arrived at about 12:45pm.

Cantonese Delights

Hong Lim Food Centre
#02-03 8.30am to 3pm
Closed Alt Mon and PH

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