Monday, November 4, 2013

Indonesia Ayam Bakar at Changi Village

Every once in a while, I encounter an excellent meal from an unexpected place. This came highly recommended by my friend Eddie, so we went to try it. I came out very impressive.

Quite superb. Chicken, done Java style. As a precursor to my upcoming trip to Jakarta with Jakarta Tourism Board tomorrow, I will be reporting the best of my meals there. But in the meantime, possibly the best Indonesian barbecued chicken in Singapore.

Called Ayam Bakar...the chicken is first cooked in a spiced chicken broth of tumeric and blue ginger. On order, the cooked chicken thigh is pan fried till crisp.

Cooked and served with love, as the shape of the rice tells the story. Served on a huge plate.

The chicken is beautifully done. Very tender, very savoury, very beautifully spiced. Served with the curiously named Diving sauce, which is pineapple, cucumber, kichap manis and chilli, the kichap manis is superb. The dish can also be ordered with Sambal Lado and Rendang, and a non spicy tomato sauce.

At $4 for a huge, satisfying plate...very good value. Be prepared for long queues during peak lunchtime hours. And highly recommended.

Indonesian Ayam Bakar
Stall 01-79 Changi Village Hawker Centre

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