Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some restaurant recommendations for Geneva

What to eat in Geneva?

Just returned from Geneva after attending the Salon International de la Haute Horologie (SIHH), and many of my friends are asking...where do we eat when in Geneva?

The Geneva Main Train station is central to Geneva, a short walk from most attractions, and the main shopping areas.

For first timers, Geneva can be a intriguing place. Especially if one arrives for the first time on a many do when attending the SIHH. Many of the restaurants and bars are closed on a Sunday, a fairly large number, especially the good ones remain closed on a Monday as well. Its a dilemma.

When my first visit to Geneva some 15 years ago, I too landed on a Sunday morning, and at 6pm went to rue du Rhone, the mainstreet downtown looking for dinner...and found none! Well, not that none were open, but as a first time visitor, many of those which are open are somewhat hidden and not knowing where to go, leaves one hungry.

So here is a list of places which I can recommend when in Geneva, and some remain open on Sundays.

  1. Cafe du Centre Good seafood, similar to those in Paris, where a huge plate of fresh raw seafood can be ordered. Their grilled sole with lemon butter is quite good. Can be a bit on the pricey side, but certainly not Michelin prices.
  2. Pizza: Pizzeria Molino is a good bet. Right next to Cafe du Centre. Open on Sundays. Good for pasta, pizzas and Italian dishes. Certainly not the best in the world Italian cuisine, but very nice and acceptable. Family atmosphere.

    Atmosphere inside Relais de Entrecote
  3. Relais de Entrecote. Open on Sundays, but always packed and with queues. No reservation policy. No can only order steaks and fries. My review here.

    Table setting at Les Amures
  4. Traditional Swiss. Fondue and raclette are typical, and traditional Swiss dishes. Neither are my favourites, but this very traditional Swiss restaurant, in the hill of the Old Town does serve other dishes which are very good. Open on Sundays as well. I eat at Les Armures fairly often, here is one report.
  5. Indian. Not near what you can get in London, but one of the better ones in Switzerland. But I found Ghandi to be quite good...though I hear the standard has deterioated recently. But Ghandi might still be worth a try.

    This trip, one of my Indian friends who lives in Nyon introduced this little place called Little India. I found the food fairly authentic, chillis hot and spicy. And recommended.

  6. Modern Swiss/French. I rather like Arthur's Rive Gauche for their nice, modern touch to traditional dishes like lamb chops and grilled fish.
  7. Japanese. Restaurant Fuji at 6, rue de Chantepoulet. Just a short walk from the train station. Malaysian owned and operated. Good sushi, sashimi. And shabu shabu. Reasonably priced.
  8. For the Singaporeans and Malaysians missing home food...the place to eat is at Jeck's Place at rue de Neuchatel 12, just on the parallel road to the one outside the Main train station. If you are homesick, they have surprisingly nice laksa and chendol.
  9. 2 Michelin stars: Chateaux de Divonne is a good bet, but you'd need some transport to get there. I once had a very good meal there, when it was only 1 Michelin star. And I was told its even better now.

    Table setting at the Private room at Lion D'or.
  10. 2 Michelin stars: Lion D'or is a regular on my dining circuit in Geneva. Expensive, but certainly the place to entertain and be entertained. Food is magnificent, as expected of one with 2 Michelin stars. One year's meal is detailed here: The LOG dinner 2010
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