Monday, January 24, 2011

Geneva: Steaks at Les Relais de l'Entrecote

Geneva, Switzerland. I have had a close association with this little city for the last decade...making my pilgramage at least twice, sometimes up to 4 times a year. Indeed, Geneva is an intriguing city to the uninitiated. Cold...not only in the temperatures during the winter months, but also in the attitude of its inhabitants. Sunday in Geneva, most of the business establishments, including restaurants are closed, and the casual visitor is hard pressed. Until you discover the secrets of the city.

I now have several favourites. From Lion D'Or...a little one star Michelin gem tucked away in Cologny, or Brasserie Lipp, or Les Armures up in the hill at the old town. But also at chain stores like Molina, and hotel eateries like the pizzeria at Hotel Mont Brilllant just behind the main train station. But a curious little eatery, right at Rue du Rhone also claims a place in my schedule...

Perpetually full...with a line queuing outside, even in the bitter cold of winter. This busy, very cramped little place has the reputation for the best steaks in Geneva.

There is no menu in this restaurant. The waitress comes by, and asks how you'd like your steak done...and what wine you'd like. That's it.

The steaks are served in two servings...the first dished out on your plate, a generous drizzling of the butter sauce, and a nice helping of fries. Shown below, the first of my two almost identical servings:

No place to entertain orders of Chicago medium-rare...I just confirmed I want it "a point"...medium. The meat was almost perfectly lean, cooked just past medium, erring on the side of almost being well done. As a result, it was a bit tough, but being chewy had its benefits. The meat was tasty, flavourful. And being smothered in the thick, gorgeously rich sauce is quite nice. The fries were shoestring style....fried almost crisp on the outside, and did not feel greasy.

I wouldn't say this is the best steak I have had...but I must say its not bad...and SF42 for a serving, while not cheap, is to be considered rather reasonable in this expensive city. Recommended.

Genève •
49, rue du Rhône
+ 41 22 310 60 04
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