Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home style cooking: Cafe de Hong Kong

Home style cooking: Cafe de Hong Kong

I have reviewed this restuarant twice before. And because it is a firm favourite of the family, and every friend I have brought there, I thought I'd do an update.

The place has not changed much in the last 2 or 3 years. It remains comfortable, home like environment.

And so has the attention to detail. We ordered 4 dishes, and CdHK provided 3 different kinds of chilli sauces

First off, the amazing...well still amazing to me how they get the meat to be so tender and juicy, and the skin to be so crisp

And my favourite fish with scallions and garlic.

The fish slices were cooked just right...still firm but tender. And tasty. The scallions, ginger slices and deep fried garlic packs a punch. Lovely. Great with plain steamed rice.

But we elected to do the lap mei fan...dried meats with rice in a claypot. The ingredients:

Chinese sausages, liver sausages, dried duck, and other internals...I am not sure what are the ingredients, but they tasted marvellous. Especially the liver sausage. Mixed into the rice and special sauce in claypot. The claypot caused a thick crust to form by burning the rice...oh, so delicious. (yes, I know...its carcinogenic, but the taste is gorgeous).

Nice, friendly, homely atmosphere. Great food.

Cafe de Hong Kong
586 Balestier Road, #01-01 Eastpac Building, Singapore.
open daily except Mondays.

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