Monday, February 27, 2012

Nasi lemak at Grandma's...the restaurant

Nasi Lemak: restaurant style

Quick update for today as this will prove to be a very busy week for me. A nice lunch with Kin at Grandma's in Raffles City. I wrote about them earlier, and returned for a re-taste.

Lunchtime crowd was thick and if you come in after 12:30pm, you will be confronted with a queue. We both went for our favourite, the nasi lemak

The rice was regular Thai fragrant rice, but soaked with flavour and aroma of coconut milk. Very nice. The chicken curry was also rich, thick, and bursting with umami. I found the achar serving to be rather pedestrian, though I guess does its job of cutting the richness of the rice and the chicken. As part of the one dish serving are some anchovies with onions in a piquant sauce. Rather nice and a good accompaniment.

We decided to add the day's special - ngor hiang...

Turned out to be a minor disaster. The ngor hiang was not made as a large roll, deep fried and cut like I expected it to be. But made out as tiny rolls, each about the size of a my pinkie, and I imagined it to be pan the browning on the skin was not even. The meat within was a bit too lean and had a rough, slightly astringent mouth feel. Not my favourite.

But overall Grandma's is rather nice comfort food place. The nasi lemak, though a bit pricey compared to food courts is very good.

Grandma's Restaurant
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-76 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.

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