Monday, February 20, 2012

Parmigiani hosted dinner at SIHH: Hotel d'Angeterre

The dinner Parmigiani hosted: SIHH 2012

Unusual review today. This is a catered event at Hotel d'Angleterre in Geneva. Hosted by Parmigiani Fleurier, a most unusual watch brand who makes watches of the most exquisite quality. I will cover this more like an event give my foodie readers a glimpse on what happens within the watch collecting community, when a brand entertains.

The evening began at the Parmigiani Booth inside the Salon Internationale de Haute Horology (SIHH), an invitation only event staged annually in Geneva. A presentation of the pieces which are new was done. This is customarily known as the presentation of the novelties.

The group was greeted by Michel Parmigiani himself, still active and very much involved in the creation of the beautiful watches.

Marcia Marzzocchi, General Manager of the Americas was doing the honours of presentation.

The group comprised of important and noted collectors, as well as web journalists.

Another view of the group

We then travelled by chartered coach from Palexpo where the SIHH was being held, to downtown Geneva, to an old, but beautifully refurbished hotel - the Angleterre.

And dinner began...a sumptious 7 course dinner, with beautiful wines. I attach a copy of the menu suggestion for info. (need pdf reader). With the menu, and the wine list, I leave the reader to follow the dinner courses. Needless to say, the dinner was wonderfully delicious. Fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared. Wines suggested were perfect.

So we start with the amuse bouche

Scallops with truffles, wrapped in a green leaf enclosure

And foie gras

Lobster was next

And a palate cleanser of champagne granite

We paused to then present the big pieces...the striking watches and the tourbillons...major complications. And the group went weak in the knees...oooh and ahhs were heard...

The main course of veal was served in the midst

But as we ate, most were fascinated by the watches. Michel, Marcia, Jean-Marc (Jacot...CEO of Parmigiani Fleurier), myself, Marco Gabella and Alex Friedmann (co-organizers of the event with me) went around explaining the key and salient features of the watches.

We were so absorbed in the discussion...

That after the cheese course

I forget to take photographs of the food, and was totally engaged with the discussion on watches. Mind you, it was almost midnight already, and most of us had flown in from far away and suffering from jet lag, but you could not tell by observing the animated discussions and the fascination of the timepieces. The hotel wait staff must be wondering when we would finish our dinner...and finally, at close to 1am, we decided to give them a break and go back to our respective hotels to rest.

But highly recommended. Cooking and the food was excellent. The wines were great. And the service excellent.

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