Monday, January 30, 2012

Ramen Champion at Iluma: Taishoken

Ramen Champion at Iluma, Singapore: Taishokenn

The continuing saga of ramens in Singapore, I next sampled Taishoken. One of the most famous ramen shops in Tokyo, I might even have eaten at their Tokyo outlet...but sometimes, in Japan, one store is similar to the next, and unless spectacularly outstanding (they are all outstanding, btw), I sometimes fail to notice the name and address.

The usual SOP here...order from the staff...take the disk...when the ramen is ready, the disk will flash, vibrate...take it back to the stall...and viola! Be presented with the ramen.

I ordered the signature I can understand what the creators wanted the ramen to taste like...As they supposedly invented the Tsukemen...dry ramen, dipped in a special sauce, I ordered the same:

The sauce was very, almost. And I was told was made with pork, chicken, anchovies and sweet vinegar. The broth was quite refreshing in a way, but as is typical, I found it to be too salty to drink on its own. Though as a dipping sauce, it was ok.

The noodles were thick, a bit springy. And had a nice bite. It picked up the sauce quite well, and was a pleasure to slurp down.

The egg was perfect...and there were 2!

Gooey, almost cooked, yet not quite...oozing. Pictured above is the seasoned egg. The other egg looked white on the egg probably unseasoned, and was somewhat slightly more cooked. But both were excellent.

Now I have almost eaten at all the Ramen Champions...only one left...Gantetsu...which I intend to return to sample later. Thus far, my favourite is still Tetsu, with their Paitan Tsukumen.

Ramen Champion
201 Victoria Street
4F Iluma

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