Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Burger Barn at ARC

The onslaught of new burger places never ceases. Some are rather good, but most are just pedestrian.

One of the better ones which arrived at our shores recently is Burger Barn. From what I understand, this is not a chain store. Artisan styled, perhaps. There was a Japanese chef in attendance when I dropped in on New Year's Day. 

The decor was simple, rather western. Service was fast, and polite...its the order and pay at the cashier, go sit, and wait for your food to be served.

I ordered the Classic Burger

There was a choice of bun, I chose brioche. The bun was very soft and fluffy. A nicely fried egg sits on top a cheese layer on top of a hand made beef patty which lay on a bed of lettuce. And on top of the egg sat some thick slices of bacon. The burger was rather large and came with a big paper box of thickly sliced fries, dusted with paprika.

The patty was absolutely delicious. Slightly smokey flavour, well grilled, tender, and with an oomph of a beefy taste. The texture was that of a hand chopped beef patty, and not ground beef. The bacon was very nice, if a bit fat, like most bacon. The fries were rather standard, I figured they sliced the potato and fried it. Not processed in any other way, I suspect.

Nice burger. I really enjoyed it.

Kin ordered the grilled cheese sandwich

Rather nice too, but we have had better at Revolution Coffee. The rye bread, or what seemed to be rye, nicely toasted with melted cheese within, sits on top of the crisps. 

The servings for both the burger and the sandwich is rather large. The atmosphere was relaxed, and quiet. I would recommend it, and will be back to try out other burgers...including a Philly Cheesesteak.

Burger Barn
460 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC), S(119963)
Singapore, Singapore
Opening Hours:
Everyday, 9am-9pm
Tel: 6273 0012

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