Monday, December 22, 2014

Fat Cow at Camden: new reference for beef in Singapore?

Its time for a new reference for steaks in Singapore: The Fat Cow is it! But with a twist. This is not the standard fare of US styled steak, but with a strong Japanese accent...and I don't mean only in the wagyu, but also the style.

I have eaten at The Fat Cow several times, and each time, it is fabulous. I have stopped short of recommending it before because I feel it is rather expensive, and not good value for money. But my last visit just 10 days ago changed that. They offered for dinner a S$128+++ menu, when previously they only had S$168, S$188 and above sets for dinner. 

We began with the Momotaro Sashimi Salad

Superb. the tomatoes were very fresh, with the characteristic tangy sweetness. The sauce was a very light fresh herb and ginger ponzu, and very refreshing. 

Second course was sea bream with black truffle

Called the Tai no Kuro Toryufu, it comprised of slices of braised sea bream, superb freshness, and slices of black truffle on a bed of seasoned kelp. Very light, elegant. The fish was cooked only just so, and was almost raw, but it was sashimi grade of course. The fragrance of the black truffle, though precious little was enough to lift the experience.

Third course, onsen tamago

There was a choice of 3 third courses, I selected the Onsen Tamago no Furai. The lightly cooked egg, with deep fried crispy bone marrow and dashi. The chef scores again. Every element was well considered, matched each other perfectly and tasted delicious. 

And for my main course, I had the A3 Sirloin Wagyu

As is my custom, I asked for charred on the outside, medium on the inside. Perfect. The steak was grilled over a charcoal fire. The full smoky flavour from the coals were apparent. The steak cooked exactly what I had asked for, showing mastery of the grill by the grill master. And was accompanied by a small pot of roasted ginger sauce. The meat was absolutely divine. Smooth, creamy, with a wonderful nutty flavour, and truly melt in your mouth experience. Superbly tender. Excellent plus plus flavour. Very, very good. And compliments very well with the salted roasted ginger the steak was totally "nude", no seasoning, not even salt and pepper.

Dessert was part of the meal, but I had a simple yuzu sorbet, which was home made, and quite good, and a wonderful way to cleanse the palate.

Very good place for a meal, and certainly a new reference for steaks, even though this is in its own class of wagyu steaks. It certainly equals the experience I had in Tokyo at Gyu-An. And at S$128+++ is certainly very reasonable for the quality of the food. Very highly recommended.

  1. Fat Cow

  2. Japanese Steakhouse
  3. Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard, 248649
    Phone:6735 0308

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