Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feng Shui Inn: Chinese New Year menu at Resorts World Sentosa

Feng Shui Inn is one of interesting Cantonese restaurants in Singapore. Situated within Crockford's Tower in Resorts World Sentosa, it offers a nice escape for a delicious meal.

I was recently invited to taste the Chinese New Year menu.

Available form 4 Feb to 5 Mar, the special prosperity menu is rather interesting. First off, is the Lo Hei. A tradition these days in Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore, this is not usually a dish I am particularly fond of. But when the dish was served, it was extremely interesting. The chef has taken great pains in ingredient selection as well as in the presentation:

The plate is beautifully decorated with goat motifs, using the ingredients. Which are rather interesting as well. Wild morel mushrooms, I understand from Switzerland to provide an earthy, wild flavour, the texture of the morel is reminiscent of the goat's stomach. And the use of Japanese Flying Fish roe to provide the crunch. I found it also innovative and delicious to use deep fried, crispy fish skin as part of the crackling in addition to the traditional fritters and the chef's home made honey coated cornflakes. 

Tastewise, after the messy tossing which is de rigeur, it is rather light, allowing the ingredients to shine rather than being overpowered by the sauce. Rather nice. 

We next tasted the Double Boiled Pacific Pearl Clams with black fungus

The chef explained that though the Pacific Pearl Clams are not particularly expensive, it is rather rare, as these are from clams bearing pearls, and only one is found in each clam. I had imagined it to be tough, chewy, but I was mistaken. The clams are very tender, almost breaking when prodded with a pair of chopsticks. The flavour is light, clean, fresh, The soup is absolutely delicious. 

Next, Braised 6 head fresh abalone with dried oyster

A single magnificent 6 head abalone. Abalones are classified by the number of heads, and by this method, the number of heads that is required to weigh 1 catty (600g) classifies the abalone. In this case, 6 head, means that 6 of these abalones, in raw, weigh 1 catty. A 2 head abalone, one of the largest I have tasted, is about 300g each. And the mini baby abalones are 12 head or even 16 head.

Here the abalone is tender, succulent, and goes superbly with the dried oyster, which also rendered very tender. The stock is superior, and bursting with umami and flavour. 

And for dessert, a twist on the traditional nian gao, or New Year Cake

Presented as a layered cake, with custard topped golden flakes. Two layers of nian gao,a nd two layers of custard cream and coconut chunks. Topped with a 24k gold leaf. Rather interesting. And in tune with the modern interpretation, is not quite as sweet as traditional nian gao. 

The chef, Li Kwok Kwong, from Hong Kong. Bravo, chef.

The restaurant is rather large, with a huge dining hall, and several private rooms. Decor is very beautiful and elegant, as befitting a top level restaurant in the Resort.

Overall, lovely, lovely meal. Very light, beautiful play of ingredients making what I feel is a nutritious and healthy meal. Nicely played. Highly recommended for your Chinese New Year festivities.

Feng Shui Inn
Resorts World Sentosa

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