Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Fish

Comfort food is on my mind, as I return from a week of feasting during dinners in Basel while attending BaselWorld 2014.

While the dinners at wonderful restaurants like Le Cheval Blanc at Trois Rois Hotel in Basel are very good, I long for comfort food. On landing, the first meal back home in Singapore I headed to one of my little secrets for comfort food, which I share with you now.

A little stall in a Food Court is often no indicator on how good the food is, and many...myself included, often overlook these stalls.

I just love the fried fish with curry noodles.

The fish is very fresh, nicely seasoned...lightly. And the batter nice and light, deep fried till very crisp. The curry was marvellous. Wonderful aroma, beautiful flavours, reminiscent of the Indian curries I used to eat as a child. The curry was not overly rich with coconut milk, in fact I guess there is probably none. Not overly spicy. Just nice.

Another of my favourites in the stall is their deep fried garoupa in a sweet sour sauce.

The fish, was as usual superbly fresh. The batter again very light. The fish deep fried to perfection, crispy on the outside, and very nice and juicy, tender meat. The sauce was also superb...just the right amount of sweet and sour, and tinge of heat from the chilli. This stands almost equal to the specialist sweet sour fishes served by top restaurants. Very good indeed.

In fact, almost all the fish dishes and seafood dishes are excellent at this stall. The seafood ee foo mien in a claypot is also superb.

One of my favourites when it comes to comfort food. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Happy Fish Stall
Koufu, Basement 1, The Anchorage..

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