Monday, April 21, 2014

Star Yong Kwang Seafood

Some Cze Char hawkers gain a notoriety because the food they cook is amazingly good. Sin Huat in Geylang is one of them. And I am begining to think so is Star Yong Kwang.

I understand this cze char stall has been around for a long time. And now being run by second generation, possibly third generation of the original founders. The stall occupies some 4 stalls at one corner of the Alexandra Food Centre. Orange T-shirted assistants hang around the stall, and they are rather ruthlessly efficient, unceremoniously plonking down the plate ordered, and demanding payment when the last of the dishes is served, even when one is in the middle of eating...a practice I find to be rude. They should either collect up front, or after one has had the chance to enjoy one's meal. Sigh, but we do put up with these kind of hawkers, especially if the food is good.

So is the food good? Well, kinda. The sambal sting ray, is rather superlative.

The fish is very fresh, beautifully barbecued, with a touch of charring on the thinner parts of the fish, and a light crisp finish to the skin, while the thick flesh of the stingray is wonderfully moist and tender. But the star is not the fish, but the fantastically hot and tasty chilli sauce which smothers the fish. And the slice of lime with cliced onions accompanies the dish perfectly.

I find this sambal stingray to be quite exceptional. And certainly one of the best I have eaten.

The sambal kangkong was also quite excellent, the cook exhibiting mastry of the control of his fire and wok.

However, the hae cho was pittiful

Even with a cursory inspection, the lightness of the tone of the hae cho was suspect. It did have a crisp skin though. The insides were a bit hard...I hesitate to say tough, because it is not, but neither is it soft, tender nor juicy. The pork within was packed tightly. Tastewise it was nothing to talk about. Not good.

I saw many people ordering the salted egg yolk pork ribs, perhaps that's for another day. As there were only 2 of us for this dinner, we could not have ordered any more. The sambal stingray is certainly worth it, as was the sambal kangkong. But avoid the hae cho. For only the stingray, I highly recommend it.

Star Yong Kwang Seafood
Alexandra Village Food Centre
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1

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