Monday, April 28, 2014

Na Na Curry: return of the king?

Nostalgia foods have a certain attraction...especially when its gone!

For years, we used to eat at and love the pork rib curry by Nana Curry at Marina South Food Centre...then they disappeared, only to kind of appear again at the Amara Food Court...I am not sure if its the same folks, as the taste, though very good, did not seem quite right to me. Then they too disappeared, when Amara went on their renovations. The new Amara, now smartly called AM100 is open, and behold, Nana Curry is now a little restaurant within. No GST, no service daily except Sunday lunch. Interesting. And throw in a few other cze char dishes for good measure.

But our first love from them is their pork rib curry, and that's what we went back to try, twice, to ensure that they are consistent. I am happy to report that the old Nana is back. Either that, or over the years, our tastebud memories have evolved, and the curry now served by Nana is the new good.

But excellent it is.

The gravy is thick, but not too thick...just the right consistency to be slurp-able...quite shiok to drink...spicy but not tongue numbingly so. Very nice, and now served in a stainless steel bowl with a flame below to keep the curry hot and boiling over.

For a regular 1 pax serving, 4 pork ribs, each about 2.5 inches in length are served...with half a small potato...quite sufficient. I prefer to eat the curry with rice, and they do serve a dry, fragrant rice which is perfect.

I can detect the pork rib is probably frozen, but the curry more than makes up for it. I suspect it is made with fresh spices, and fresh coconut milk, to taste so wonderfully savoury, so fragrant, with the kick of the chilli and spice. Very good, and addictive.

So now they are back, and as I said to Kin on our first visit...this is "crave-able" curry...and indeed it was, within a week, we revisited...and yes, it is still as good.

Highly recommended.

Na Na Curry
100, Tras Street, #03-14

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