Monday, April 14, 2014

Menya Musashi

On of my favourite foods is ramen. I just love it. And ramen does travel well...Singapore versions of famous ramen from Japan tend to be almost as good.

Today's review is on such very famous shop in Shinjuku, which I had the pleasure of sampling once. Named after famed Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, this shop has turned into a chain store in Singapore, with some 8 outlets.

Each boasting of their own noodles. Interesting. As was Musashi-san himself...whose story is incredible, and the subject of numerous entertaining tales on samurai lore. He is also the hero featured in many of the patches in the Japanese celebrated raw denim jeans maker: Samurai.

But I digress...back to the ramen. We ate this meal at the Star Vista outlet, so it was thick square shaped noodle with Tokyo-Ueno style soup with chicken and pork. Very interesting.

First off, white charsiu ramen

The broth was thick, almost collagen like in texture, very flavourful...almost bursting with pork bones and chicken. Very nice, albeit a bit too salty and perhaps a touch too fat. The ramen itself was cooked very nicely, and the thick noodle was good at picking up the broth, allowing it to coat every strand for good flavour. The egg within was cooked perhaps a touch over...both yolk and white are cooked through, but still tasty. Very nice.

We also had the red charsiu ramen

Although the colour of the broth was significantly different, interestingly the taste seemed to be very similar. I really could not tell much difference, perhaps the red was a bit more spicy, but only slight.

The unusual ramen was the Akiba curry ramen, which is famous in the Shinjuku outlet

This one was as different as the first two were similar. The broth was thicker, with a mild curry flavour. This was not as sweet as traditional Japanese curry, nor as spicy as Indian or others. But a nice pork bone flavour still underwrote the entire palate. Again slightly salty. The thin shreds of pork added provided a nice texture, and additional flavour. The egg this time was whole, and perfect - the whites were a jelly like consistency, and the yolk slightly runny. Very nice. Every slurp of the broth made me want more. Interesting and very addictive.

Each of the ramens were a set, with accompanying side dishes, we had the octopus, gyoza and fried chicken.

Suffice to say, they neither outshone the ramens, or were not able companions.

Overall, the ramens were delicious. I love the curry ramen, and will be back for more. And also to try the Tsukemen ramen as well as the black ramen. Recommended.

Menya Musashi
1 Vista Exchange Green
6694 2515

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