Thursday, March 20, 2014

Putien introduces the Spring Menu

It is no secret that Putien is one of my favourite restaurants. The flavours and authenticity of the ingredients are quite incredible, and the lengths the chefs take to get this authenticity is unparalleled in a Chinese restaurant in Singapore.

So the spring menu by Putien is no different. The ingredients are air flown in twice weekly from the city of Putian in china. And the preparation is done in the traditional and natural methods and retain the flavours of the ingredients. I went to a tasting of their Spring menu, and was pleased with the food presented.

Broad beans are reaped in Putian in spring, and this process is munual so as to ensure the fragile beans retained their soft texture.

Simply sauteed with just a dash of salt, the dish is very light, delightful flavour.

Putian leeks stir fried with prawn cakes

Very natural tasting. Sweet, quite delicious. The prawn cakes are made just with prawns, no fillers and the taste and texture is very nice.

A slew of bamboo clam dishes were presented. They were all very nice, I particularly loved the omlette and the garlic versions. But here are the photographs of all I sampled. First, just plainly salt baked.

Natural tasting, sweet.

One of my favourites, clams steamed with garlic.

Supremely sweet. Very aromatic fragrance and flavours. The garlic was excellent...I love garlic, so this dish is right up in my alley.

With spring onions

With a wonderful savoury soup

Steamed with rice wine

And deep fried with a light batter

We then had the famous putian beehoon, done Putien style

One of my favourites. The beehoon is finer, more wiry and have a harder and springy texture than the Thai style beehoon we get for example in the ones served as breakfast in many hawker centres.

And for dessert, a loquat flavoured jelly with a preserved loquat. Loquat is plentiful during spring, and have a sourish sweet taste. But this tasting is a bit early in the year for loquat.

Another winning menu by the chefs at Putien. They remain one of the most interesting and authentic tastes in the industry. Highly recommended.

Pu Tien Restaurant
127 Kitchener Raod

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