Monday, March 25, 2013

Friend's favourites: Whitley Road Prawn Noodles

Prawn noodles is a perennial favourite in Singapore. Each have their own favourites. I have shared my favourite, here is one from one of my good friends...his favourite. This begins a series of posts, where I will explore the favourite makan places of my friends.

The Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle is an old, old favourite of many. They used to operate under the Whitley Road flyover, and was famous for many years. When the hawker centre was removed by the government some years ago, they disappeared...but have appeared in the city.

Recommended by a good friend as it was his favourite...we dropped in during the heat of the lunch hour...the place was choking full of people. And we had to wait some 20 minutes for our noodles.

So how was it? The noodles were done just right...we had the mee with coarse bee hoon. Soft to the bite. I had the one with pork ribs, which was tender, and light in porky flavour...just right. The prawns were partly deshelled, and rather fresh, sweet, nice firm meat. The soup was nice and hearty...good stock.

How does it compare for me to my favourite at Pek Kio Market? Well, for me, Wah Kee still rules the roost. The prawns are a bit fresher and sweeter. The stock is where Wah Kee at Cambridge Road (Pek Kio) Market leads...strong crusteacean flavours, developing beautifully from the base of pork bones and prawn heads. The Whitley stock was a bit sweetened by either rock sugar or sugar...a bit too much for me, and as far as I can tell my favoured Wah Kee does not sweeten the stock.

Worth the eat? Yes, but for me, I rather go to Cambridge Road...but the wait there is even longer...often 45m to an hour during meal times.

Whitley Road Big Prawns Noodles
18 Lorong Telok

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