Monday, March 18, 2013

Food Republic: Wisma Atria

Food Courts are interesting places to eat. Some of them better than others. And one of those I like is Food Republic...owned and operated by the folks at Bread Talk. I rather like the one in 313 Orchard and at Wisma Atria.

Here I highlight a meal I had at Wisma Atria...we started with the noodle store...first off the KL Black Hokkien mee

Nice wok hei...but I don't know why we don't get the right noodles here in Singapore. Here, as in the other 2 others which kinda of get the gravy and ingredients sorta right, they use udon. I would have imagined the fat yellow noodles used in lor mee might be a nice substitute for the real black hokkien mee noodles.

We also had the wat tan yee mien

Nicer...same wonderful wok hei. Nice, fresh ingredients. Great gravy. And nice, fragrant noodles. But I saved the best...

A superbly cooked beehoon with pork belly and topped with a fried egg. The wok hei is still ever present and beautiful. The beehoon is nicely done...seemed to have absorbed the gravy used to braise it...but still rather al dente, and not overcooked. Very nice.

For dessert, we also tried the rojak, which was rather excellent

Very nice. The sauce was just right. Thick, sweet, spicy, a tinge of sour and a touch of salt. Mixed into the fresh fruits and vegetables, and toasted dried cuttlefish with cut croutons from yu tiao. Worth the calories. Very nice.

Typically, Food Republic can be trusted for their selection of hawkers. This Wisma Atria outlet is no different. In addition, there is the Sargeant Chicken Rice...pricy but very nice. And the Nasi Padang...also very expensive, but very good...especially their 3 sambals. And one can always trust the great nanyang kopi at Toast Box.

Food Republic
in many malls islandwide

This meal taken at Wisma Atria

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