Monday, March 4, 2013

Crystal Jade Pristine: Healthy and, there is no need to choose one.

Crystal Jade is one of the old guards of Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Recently, in Jan 2013, they opened a new concept restaurant at Scotts Square...aimed at the health concious diner who still demands good tasting meals, Crystal Jade Pristine was born.

I do enjoy this cleaner, lighter cuisine, with nourishing ingredients, as evident in my love for Restaurant Ten's food, but alas is no more on Singapore. Crystal Jade Pristine seem to fall nicely into this niche. I attended a rather private media tasting organized by Crystal Jade and Storey3. Thanks to Samantha for hosting and Sahimi for the invitation.

The decor is pleasant indeed, tastefully done. The food is Cantonese influenced, and during this tasting, many of the dishes seem like they have been deconstructed. We started with the apppetizer

Cordyceps Flower and shredded cucumber with black garlic, pan fried scallp and vegetable paste coated with almond flake. A mouthful. As is characteristic for Prestine, the ingredients are premium, and the menu explains the nourishing aspects of this dish. The cordyceps flowers are believed to improve complexion, nourish the yin and cleanse the kidneys. The black garlic is odourless, and have anti oxident capabilities . The cucumber is imported from Japan, and is crunchy and completes the combination to a healty and refreshing starter. The cold cucumber is crunchy, and contrast very nicely with the hot, crispy scallops in almond shell.

Next, we had what was described as steam chicken beancurd with ginseng and cordycep mushroom

Doesn't look like a chicken dish...but the key word here is chicken beancurd...though not really a beancurd, the bowl is made from Malaysian kampung chicken, minced to a silky paste and topped with herbal ingredients and steamed for 20 mins in a douboiled superior broth. The herbal aroma hits the nose as the dish was served. The beancurd had the texture of beancurd, but the mouthfeel is like finely minced chicken. Very nice.

Braised minced pork and Hong Kong kailan with preserved olive leaf was next

I found this very nice. Australian kurobuta is used as the pork base. And the Hong Kong kailan was tender, crunchy and does not have a bitter after taste as some do.

Braised beef with chinese yam and red dates

Another superb dish. The beef was ultra tender...and is braised with the chinese yam and red dates for an hour for the truly melt in the mouth tenderness with the full flavour of excellent beef. Really nice.

And some prawns...poached with baby chinese spinach in superiopr broth

Fresh live prawns. Sweet, plump and tasty. The broth was excellent and the baby chinese spinach is delicate and subtly flavourful.

For dessert, boiled fresh lily bulb and organic pumpkin with Osmanthus honey

A clear, very refreshing dessert. Excellent as a mouth cleaner and a bit of a sweet taste as one finishes a fine meal.

This is the restaurant to bring Grandma and mom to. Excellent ingredients, prepared beautifully, cooked well. Taste good, nourishing. What else can you ask for.

Crystal Jade Pristine
#03-06 Scotts Square
6636 1836

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