Thursday, April 12, 2012

Siang Hee in new location

I waxed lyrical about Siang Hee before...They recently moved to Serangoon Gardens, and Ah Yoke started cooking up a storm again. I went back to resample the dishes with a few friends.

We arrived at about was not yet opened...I popped by the back, and saw Ah Yoke, who was rather glad to see me...was told they would open 11:30...though I guess noon was more accurate. At 12, they opened.

I ordered the same dishes that I am familiar with, to see if there were changes...I am happy to say, they remain just as good.

Pumpkin prawns

Large succulent prawns, in a crispy, crunchy batter, smothered with a gorgeous pumpkin sauce. Excellent.

Mongolian pork ribs

Still very nice. A bit salty, this time round, but beautiful ribs...tender, yet with a bit of bite.

One of our buddies eating with us wanted to try the beef hor fun...

Looked and smelled very fragrant. I didn't taste it.

From the looks of it, Ah Yoke is back in good form...albeit in a smaller kitchen and a smaller staff. Just one other person...(her husband?) helping with the preparation.

I still give the stall a hearty recommendation.

Serangoon Gardens Food Centre,

Stall 20. 49A Serangoon Garden Way.

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