Monday, April 30, 2012

Best Ayam Penyet?

Ayam Penyet...or smashed chicken is a speciality introduced to Singapore by our Indonesian neighbours. Succulent chicken, deep fried till crisp, and then smashed with a hammer or flat side of a chopper, and served with fluffy fragrant rice with powerful sambal. Who can resist that?

This stall in Changi Village, used to be tucked in the Food Centre in Blk 2, but as the centre was undergoing renovations, the stall and many of the famous hawkers at Blk 2 have migrated nearby. Now in a coffee shop just across the still offers the same delicious meals.

Not quite the chicken looked intact...but the slight crisp batter was superb...flavourful, crispy. The chicken retained its juicy goodness, and was wonderfully tender and tasty. The sambal was excellent. Rice fluffy and fragrant...a bit like Hainanese Chicken Rice...though not quite.

Not your traditional Ayam Penyet, but nevertheless a very nice one...and very satisfying...especially for many of us...its a 40km ride to get to Changi Village to have this for lunch, and another 40km to return home.

Sri Bastari (Changi Village)
Blk 5 Changi Village Road

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