Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bollywood Biryani: contender for the best?

My cycling group have a motto....ERP...for Singaporeans, its not a poke at our ubiquitious Electronic Road Pricing, but ERP stands for Eat, Ride, Photo. The order suggests somewhat the relative importance of the activites. I had the opportunity to sample one of our foodie kaki's favourite biryani...just across the road from his Camera Shop, Roland took us to Bollywood Biryani.

I was going to be taking a break today...returning to blog on Thurs, but I thought this is a short simple post to highlight a very good biryani. Best, I am not sure...but certainly very good.

The mutton biryani has a rather large piece of mutton embedded within the rice. Basmati rice was used, but in my view, this was not top drawer biryani, but very good one. The grains of the rice was not ultra long, wiry type one gets in India. But the rather more normal types we have imported to Singapore. They use mutton, not lamb, so the meat had some bite. A small plate of spicy curry gravy accompanies.

I found the dish to be quite satisfying. The spices on the rice and smotherng the mutton was very fragrant and nice. And what's best about the dish is that it feels less oily.

Nice biryani. Good value. S$5.50 a plate for mutton. Worth returning.

B1 Cafe, featuring Bollywood Biryani
Basement 1
Peninsula Shopping Complex

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