Monday, April 16, 2012

Savour 2012: East vs West Faceoff

I was invited to atttend Savour: a foodie event, featuring some interesting invitational chefs from around the world, with masterclasses and a really nice produce market. This is an account of a friendly faceoff, to cook lunch...a duel between the Western Chef and the Eastern Chef.

The kitchen sponsor Bosch's own booth to showcase their beautiful and functional kitchenware was the venue for the one corner, the Eastern Chef...John See:

John is currently a consultant with Bosch. And in the Western corner...Claudio Sandri of Brasserie Wolf

I have eaten at Brasserie Wolf and sampled Claudio's cooking...quite good.

Today, John was going to cook a special fried rice with prawns, and Claudio a baked fish.

The prawns...just as they were inserted into the pan

Note they are using induction cookers from Bosch. Like my experience in the 1 Michelin Star Kitchen at Carrousel, Bulow Palais in Dresden, more and more professional kitchens are turning to induction, clean, ultimate control of the heating power, and best of all no flame and a kitchen which is not as hot as the traditional kitchen.

The fish, preped and stuffed with goodies...

The fish was wrapped in a clear wrap, some alcohol was added, and flambed....

And into the oven it John was sweating his onions, carrots, and other ingredients, his helpers brought out a most amazing serving of otak...

Excellent. Smooth, creamy. Spicy. What more can I say. Very good otak.

John continued to fry the ingredients, and then added the rice...hands on!!

In no time, the rice was ready, as was the fish...and it turned out to be a friendly competition, as they were plating on the same plate...gorgeous

Fried rice with prawns and baked fish with otak. Great dish!

Many thanks to Valerie Tham for the invitation. I certainly enjoyed the session.

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