Monday, April 23, 2012

Pete's Place at Hyatt

Pete's Place at the Hyatt

Sometimes, all it takes for a restaurant to have a firm place in one's heart is just one dish, or just one beautiful occassion. Pete's Place is one such restaurant for me. Beautiful personal memories dating back nearly 30 years. Nice.

But as this is a food blog, I will talk about the food...recently I revisited after many years...too long, IMHO, but there it is. Not particularly hungry, we skipped the lunch buffet, which I was told is quite good. And went a la carte.

I had a simple linguini with prawns.

Beautiful to look at, wonderful in fragrance. And excellent in taste. The linguini was nearly perfect al dente. The prawns were fresh, crunchy, and had the breath of the sea still within. And the combination was excellent. Highly recommended, if a bit on the pricey side. Pete Place Basement of Hyatt Regency Singapore

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