Monday, April 4, 2011

db's Signautre burgers: best in SG?

Daniel Bolud is quite a famous chef...and one of the many who have recently popped up at MBS. The Frenchman has Michelin starred restaurants in the US and a few early reports from diners proclaim his Signature burger as the best in town.

The restaurant was fully packed when I got there for lunch on a Wednesday. And I was told, it is packed every lunch and dinner. Good business, methots.

So it was the signature burger which I ordered.

As I have commented before, gourmet burgers tend to be architectural marvels which often threaten a structural engineer's patience to the limit. Huge almost to the point of collapsing on its own at any attempt to eat it, the db Signature amazes with the aestetic beauty. Huge by most standards, the patty alone is huge, almost 4 inches in diameter...and almost a ball.

Described as a sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs and foie gras in a parmesan bun, the burger looked wonderful when I cut it into half.

Layers of meat...piled on each other and a rather generous sliver of foie gras can be seen. The meat patty is very tender, slightly smokey flavour. I ordered it medium rare with charred sides, but there was hardly any no crispy, charred bits to bite into. But the meat was very flavourful. Very nice patty. But for $38++ a serving with fries, it is rather more expensive than the wagyu burgers at The Landing Point at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, just across the Marina Bay. Comparing both, I prefer the Landing Point's version. Their use of wagyu, and the clever combination with aged melted cheddar cheese, the superb sauce and the sesame bun with the truffle fries were rather brilliant.

db also offered sides which were rather good. The platter of mixed mushrooms were rather good:

And the pear sorbet makes a wonderful way to finish the meal

For me, overall, the burger was very good, but I preferred the less expensive wagyu burger at The Landing Point. The pear sorbet was almost good enough to justify the visit. I will return to try the provence style menu which is also offered other than the burgers.

db Bistro
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
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