Monday, November 29, 2010

Wagyu burgers at The Landing Point: Best burger in Singapore?

with Ainie and Kin

The Fullerton Bay Hotel...a grand dame? Well, it looks the part, feels the part, but this beautiful hotel is almost brand new.

The lobby was formerly the Clifford Pier lobby...where weary travellers would wait for their ferry or boat. It used to be a dank place, now swankified by the hotel. The decor is very nice. And the feeling a mix of colonial and local, with a good airy feeling due in no small part to the large almost wall to wall windows. These windows also allow the magnificent new Marina Bay area to present itself.

The Landing Piont is a curious little place...more like a lobby bar than a restaurant, and indeed it carries a sort of truncated menu...but no less complete with nice meals.

The lounge chairs were perhaps more suitable for a tea time tete-a-tete rather than a business lunch. But we were there for lunch, and there was another table also having luncheon.

All three of us had the Wagyu Cheeseburger.

This was an interesting concoction...beautiful wagyu, which looked like it had been hand chopped and pattied, with either aged cheddar or blue cheese, a small serving of salad - rocket, onions, tomato, and truffle fries. Quite decadent.

The sesame bun was very nice and perhaps a bit unusual as well. Peppered with black and white sesame, it was light, fluffy. The patty was rather large, and cutting the burger open, revealed the full ingredients:

The patty was delicious. Soft, tender, smooth...yes, smooth...the wagyu was very well done. In my medium rare example, some of the rarer inner parts was full flavoured...almost like foie gras. The rest of the burger was excellent. The sauce - a kind of barbecue sauce was present to provide support to the wagyu, and was noticable, but at no point was intrusive as sometimes sauces are tend to do. This indicates to me the chef is top notch, going for balance and the wholesome experience instead of making any one masterpiece ingredient stand out. Nothing to nitpick even if I was in the mood to.

The truffle fries were also very good. I suspect the fries are cooked in I caught a crispy bit amongst the fries. Made it all the more delicious. And coupled with the truffle oil. It was rather good.

Overall, one of the best burgers I have eaten in a long time.

The Landing Point
The Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326
Tel:6333 8388
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