Monday, April 25, 2011

Black and White Cafe: extreme french toast

I wrote about Hong Kong's cha chan teng earlier...and I wonder why we don't have these East meets West hybrids in Singapore...perhaps we do in the form of the kaya toast coffee places. But most kaya toast places in Singapore do not serve a full menu...true we usually have some curry chicken, mee siam, nasi lemak and perhaps snack like food, the Hong Kong cha chan teng usually have more substantial meals. In the mornings, the interesting instant noodles, with eggs, luncheon meat. And the amazing french toast.

The Singapore version by Ya Kun and Killiney are impotent in comparison. Here we have one slice of thin bread, dipped in egg, and then fried. And served with a small piece of butter and a slap of kaya. Nice, I agree, but nothing like the huge thick slice of bread. With either peanut butter generously applied inside...I even found one cha chan teng which serves kaya within. Then a slab of butter. And a small pitcher of maple syrup.

The version above is served in one of the many cha chan tengs in Hong Kong. This particular one is one called Black and White, which has many branches throughout the territory. This particular branch I visited is truly nostalgic...old table and chairs, in a restaurant with white tiled walls, and old, rude wait staff...hmm...old Hong Kong.

One of the better french toasts I have ever eaten. The bread is very soft, tender even. The egg covering was slightly crisp and very fragrant. The peanut butter is excellent, and the butter with maple syrup is divine...truly a wonderful dish.

Black and White Cafe
many locations throughout Hong Kong and Kowloon
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