Thursday, April 28, 2011

De burgs: former Sunshine Cafe Burgers

Burgers...we have gourmet ones like those I have featured from Landing Point and at dB. We also have the fast food ones like Carl's Jr, et al. Some time ago, some bloggers proclaimed that a little cafe, called Sunshine Cafe, just around the corner from where I live serves the best burgers in Singapore. I attempted to eat there, since it is so near and all that, but as the cafe was situated within a condominium, it was only open to the residents...interesting, methot. I later found out that they were initially open to the public, but the diners made so much noise that the management of the condo decided to close access to public. Needless to say, Sunshine Cafe had to close.

When I heard they had re-appered in a coffee shop in Ghim Moh...I went to try.

Simple store within the coffee shop. They offer quite a variety of burgers. Their mainstays were the beef burgers with Australian beef patties, but they also offer non-beef versions and even vegetarian burgers.

Anyway, we ordered a few burgers.

The patty was huge...and we didn't even order the giant ones in which is their claim to fame...numerous pictures of diners and their giant burgers.

Tastewise, the beef was roughly cut...they claim no binders were used...and you can almost taste the beef....I mean that in no disrespect...many burgers, especially those from the large chains...don't taste of beef. This one even has the texture of roughly hand chopped beef. The grilling was rather conservatively done...medium rare which I ordered came reasonably accurate to my request. But no charring on the outsides. The bun was ok.

We also had the bacon beef burger:

I would have preferred the bacon to be grilled or fried to a crisp. Though the beef patty and bacon was rather tasty. The combination of cheese, lettuce, tomatos were nicely done, and piled on high.

Best burger in Singapore? Not by a long shot, in my humble books. Nice to eat? OK if you are hungry for a burger and cannot stand those served by the large chains. Certainly De Burg's creations straddle the huge chain store burgers and the gourmet ones...on all counts...price, quality of ingredients, and taste.

De Burg
Stall No.3, Block 10 Ghim Moh Road,
#01-78., Singapore, Singapore 270010
Tues - Sat: 11:30-21:15
Sun: 11:15-21:00
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