Sunday, May 9, 2010

Postcards from Germany: Villa Marie

with A. Einhorn

The Blue Wonder Bridge, or Blaues Wunder (in German) is one of the bridges which criss cross the Elbe River near Dresden. So called, because firstly it was painted blue, and when it was opened in 1893, it was considered a technical masterpiece to be able to build a truss bridge with no supporting columns...a span of 142m. The bridge was one of the few which was saved from bombing during the second world war, where the rest of Dresden was practically leveled by Allied bombing.

By the side of this beautiful and much loved bridge, on the Aldstadt (old town) side, sits a beautiful, quaint villa...known as Villa Marie. In it is housed a very nice restaurant, when the weather is fine, you can sit outside and admire the bridge. We were there in Spring, but it was a bit cold, and we opted for a table upstairs. I had some years back sat on a table outside, and indeed it was a nice table. But inside was nice, we had a good view of the landscape.

The table next to us sat the former Prime Minister of Saxony. So I guess we were in good company.

We started with the Pasta with this was a kind of Italian styled kitchen. They also own the very nice Piazza Nova at Quartier Frauenkirche.

This was a delightful dish! The pasta was firm, al-dente, and the prawns, were oh-so fresh...I wish we could get this quality prawns in Singapore. Fresh, sweet, crunchy but resillient, springy even to the bite. Excellent.

We ordered the Italian wine Langhe...

The nebbiolo is a finicky type of grape...pale, tannic, but some of the most perfumed and richly flavoured wines. A bit medium bodied, so went well with the pasta and my pork.

and the pork...

A kind of seasoned, barbecued pork...nice cut, lean, flavourful, but tender. The beans provided some oomph, but overall the dish lackluster and character. It is nice, no doubt, subtle, and easy.

For dessert, tiramisu...what else

Whoa! this was no holds barred tiramisu. Rich, exuberant, with a kick of liquor and coffee. Nice.

For the visitor to Dresden, this is a worthwhile place to dine...the food is good - my pasta was brilliant, the tiramisu was exceptional.

Villa Marie
Fährgäßchen 1
01309 Dresden, Germany
0351 31544-0

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