Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Postcards from Germany: Estancia Steakhouse, Dresden

with A. Einhorn

When I think steakhouse, I typically think American, huge servings, nice cosy, and somewhat upmarket interior...perhaps dark wood, leather chairs. Huge servings of prime beef, marbled, charred...hmm...regulars get the picture...I love a good steak.

Situated in a nice suburb, just off the old town in Dreden, this steakhouse was in a hotel...

Touting Argentinian beef, the interior was a bit more regular hotel restaurant than a traditional US Steakhouse...nicely decorated, but no darkwood, or leather armchairs to slip into.

We shared an appetizer of grilled giant prawns:

Nice, huge, succulent prawns was served grilled on a skewer...the prawns were had a nice firm flesh, sweet, and very fragrant...reminds me of the best such prawns from Bangkok (see Krua Apsorn). The broccoli was quite nicely done too...not undercooked or overcooked like many restauarants tended to do, but just right...a bit firm, crunchy, and retaining the flavours.

We had a nice bottle of red wine...

Of Chilian origin, on the palate it packs a nice body, and the tannins provide the tongue with a light bite. Strong notes of cherries and berries. On the nose, nice bouquet of blackberries and citrus.

The steak...we both ordered a large 300g portion of the fillet steak:

I had requested for the outside to be charred and inside to be was delivered quite close to that request. Note the Maillard exterior, indicating a nice smokey flavour, and beautiful sweetness from the reactants and slight caramilization.

The inside was superbly pink and moist. The meat was less marbled than typical USDA Prime Black Angus, as this was Prime Argentinian beef...also of Black Angus, it was much leaner. The meat was rather firm in texture, but was tender, and though not quite wagyu melt in your mouth experience, the texture provided some masticulation and had good flavour. Nice steak, I must say.

Estancia Steakhaus
Fetscherstra├če 30
01309 Dresden, Germany
0351 4416392

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