Monday, May 17, 2010

Postcards from Germany: Schindler's Restaurant, Paulsdorf

Having eaten often at the Heidehof, I ventured into the neighbouring villages in search for different cuisines...I took a drive around the dam, which was constructed around Germany each village, or town belongs to a city...or an administrative region. Heidehof, is part of the Dippoldiswalde city, as is the village of Paulsdorf just 4 km from the hotel.

There is a large water park just by the Pausldorf village...camping grounds, swimming pools, etc. Nice.

The area is just spectacular scenery.

Driving a bit further, I chanced upon Schindler's Restaurant. A quaint little place...the notice board just outside the door had a picture of the chef, hin his uniform, proudly beaming. This should be interesting. I stepped inside, and there was a large family having their dinner...I ordered my Erdinger beer...and had the pork steak. While waiting, the chef came up to me to talk...but we immediately hit the language barrier...both smiled, and he retreated into his kitchen.

When it came, it looked really interesting. A frothy kind of sauce, the pork looked beautifully browned till Maillard has set in.

Cutting it open, it was perfectly done.

Meat in Germany, at least in Saxony seem to be leaner than the ones we get in Singapore. Also, I find the meats firmer...not as soft and um, flabby. This pork was firm, lean, and hardly any marbling. But it was tender, and while it provided resistance to the bite, it was very tender and juicy. Beautiful. The sauce contained small bits of perhaps crispy lard, and crispy garlic. The champignons were also very flavourful. The french fries, though not as wonderful as my benchmark set by La Bourse au la vie in Paris, was nice. What a wonderful concoction. Really enjoyed this.

I did say that I truly enjoyed the cuisine on this part of Germany a lot. On my second week here, I hardly miss the wonderful hawker stuff from home...I wouldn't mind having a char kway teow or laksa, but I did not crave for it.

Schindler's Restaurant
Am Stausee 1
01744 Dippoldiswalde ot Paulsdorf
tel: 03504-614329

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