Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Postcards from Germany: Heidehof 3

The cuisine at the Heidehof is quite particular...as the Germans will say. Its a curious local cuisine...Saxon mainly, but also with the heavy influence of the Italian kitchen. The chef is quite a master at control...as master cooks need to be...control of the fire/oven/flame, control of the use of spices and ingredients. And one of balance.

I will have the opportunity to sample almost the entire menu. I thought of having fish, but the only fish they serve are catfish, trout and herring. None of which I am particularly fond of...readers of this blog would probably know I prefer ocean fish, preferably large, meaty ones...like tuna, cod, salmon, garoupa. So I have still not worked up the courage to order fish at the Heidehof.

The amuse bouche for the evening, and a fairly standard offering is two slices of rather freshly baked French baguette with home made pesto sauce.

The pesto sauce shows the skill of the chef. Home made, and very tasty.

Anyway, I stayed in for yet another night, and dined at the Hiedehof. This evening...goose. An unusual fowl for my dinner plate, that's for sure...this is probably the first blog post about goose.

Gansekeule mit apfelrotkohl und kartofelklossen, says the menu. Loosely translated...leg of goose with apple red cabbage and potato dumplings.

A whole leg of goose...well, geese are larger fowls than ducks...a leg of duck, as in a confit du canard is quite a dish on its own. But the larger leg of goose is a rather large meal.

The skin was crispy, cracking with each knife thrust, and opening to yield the soft, juicy, tender meat within. Compared to duck, goose meat is more gamey, with a more rough texture, but very tasty.

The red cabbages cooked with apple juice is a typical German dish...and goes very well with the heavy, greasy meats (the Germans call meat fleisch - reminds me of the English word flesh...probably a derivative from the German. The red cabbages go well with Schweinhaxe - their version of ter ka.

The potato dumplings were springy, almost bouncy...but tasted nice...good mouth feel...processed, but not so much, the texture of the potatos can still be felt as one chews the dumplings.

I washed it down with a large (grosse) glass of white beer (weiss bier). Nice and smooth.

Landhaus Heidehof
HoheStrasse 2
1744, Dippoldiswalde
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