Monday, March 3, 2014

Lam's Prawn and Crab noodle

I love prawn noodles. And have cravings to eat the dish every once in a while.

My gold standard is Wah Kee at Cambridge Road, but the queues are too long. I often eat at Khoon Kee at Bukit Merah, which is close, but not quite the same level. But there is another which is also very good, though a different style, and not directly comparable. This is Lam's Prawn and Crab Noodles.

Tucked in a coffee shop in Rangoon Road, this little stall is quite interesting. It offers not only regular prawn noodles, but also large prawns. And also offers the customers to add scallop and crab to their noodles. I have not tried those specials, bu thave eaten the regular and large prawns a few times.

The regular prawn noodles is rather nice, though I found the prawns to be crumbly and powdery in texture. The prawns were also not sweet enough, but the soup was very good. And the more one drinks the soup, the more satisfying it is.

The $5 portion comes with 6 fairly large prawns.

I also tried the large prawns version, only 3 very large prawns were served.

The prawns were altogether different. The prawns were very large, measuring perhaps 3 inches in diameter. And the prawns were quite fresh. The flesh is firm and very sweet. The noodles were ordered dry, and came with a magnificent sauce, which is savoury and very tasty.

Mildly addictive soup, magnificent large prawns. Recommended, but certainly does not dethrone Wah Kee as my reference prawn noodle.

Lam's Prawn and Crab Noodles
137 Rangoon Road
9am - 9pm(Closed on Tue)

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