Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fatboy's The Burger Bar

Who doesn't like a good burger? This quintessential of western meals is a favourite, especially amongst the youth and those on the go.

Convieniently packaged, a bun, meat patty, some vegetables, cheese...tastes yum, and easy to eat on the go...except when it comes to premium burgers...where the patty is large and thick, and when assembled, the burger is at the verge of toppling over and collapsing. Most are so large, it is not possible to hold it on one hand, and bite over to get a mouthful of bun plus meat plus veg plus cheese...

But we still do love a good one. I covered &Made and the Landing Point burgers as my reference standard for Singapore. Today, I touch on Fat Boy's of the mainstays of the gourmet burgers in the city...we don't talk about McDonalds or other fast food burgers (yes, I did review Carl's Jr once).

So how is it? The ordering experience is interesting...many options available, on the bun, patty (beef, pork, chicken, lamb), cheese type, vegetables (tomato, pickles, lettuce), sauce, and other additions. I ended up with a cheese burger with all the veg, and a barbecue sauce, with fries and a soft drink.

The burger is rather big. The bun, with black and white sesame was very fluffy, light, soft, but grilled till there were crisp edges. The patty was a large beef patty, minced meat, but tastes gorgeous. The cheese was provolone. Really a nice burger. Juicy, tasty. Very nice.

The fries

In my view, a bit less successful. They were freshly fried, yes, but they were a bit thick for me. The outside were crisp, but not quite enough...not like the superb fries one gets at L'Entrecot or even their burger place &Made. The potato within was a bit powdery.

But overall, excellent burger experience. In my opinion, better than Burg's, but still below the standards served at &Made. But bear in mind, Fat Boy's is almost half the price of &Made, where they hand chop the pattys, and of course with higher quality meat cuts. So for the price of Carl's Jr, I think this is a better, more tasty and more satisfying experience.

Fatboy's The Burger Bar
Many locations island wide

This meal tasted at
Far East Plaza #01-16
Monday - Thurday: 1600pm - 0000am
Friday - Saturday & PH: 1200pm - 0000am

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