Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sate Kajang in the North South Highway

Doing a road trip sometimes allows one to eat well. Perhaps in the US, or maybe in France, and certainly on rail in Japan. But often, travelling by road on the PLUS North South Highway in Malaysia is not a culinary highlight.

the rest stops are quite well spaced along the road, but may sometimes be very crowded during holidays where there are a lot of people travelling. And often the meals are just to survive or to keep awake.

Rarely does one find a gem. But recently, while driving from Penang to Singapore, along a rest stop called Dengkil, along the southbound road, I found this little satay shop, curiously with the name spelt out as Sate, which I understand is the common Indonesian spelling.

Hungry, we stopped for some.

Costing some RM0.80 per stick, we ordered 10 beef and 10 chicken. The beef was rather tender, being well seasoned. The flavouring from the spices were quite nice. The chicken was tender as well, but with the lean meat interspersed with chicken fat, was a bit greasy for my tastes. The gravy was interesting that it was a nice, creamy texture, with a lots of crushed peanuts, but was very mild. Chilli was served in a separate small bowl, and can be added as per one's tastes.

The satay were broilled on a gas stove, and therefore lacked the charcoal flavour that makes satay so alluring.

We also had teh tarik...pulled tea. This was rather nice, thick milk tea, with a beautiful foamy head.

Overall, not bad for a food joint in the middle of the highway not known for culinary delights. Recommended.

Sate Kajang Hj Samururi

R&R Dengkil Southbound

PLUS North South Highway


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