Monday, February 24, 2014

Food for Thought

Good food and give to a social cause at the same time. Sounds like a good idea to me. And Food For Thought delivers this.

Currently with 3 outlets, of which I have tried two. I have tried the one at Botanic Gardens and found it to be a bit pedestrian. But recently I tried their outlet at The National Museum. Was a great experience. Good food, good service. So I went back again to see if it was a one off...and it turns out the place is really good. So what did I eat? We had the breakfast stuff and pancakes the first visit: awesome. As was the risotto, which we tried again the second time around.

Labelled their laksa risotto...I am not sure where the laksa starts or ends, but this is a good risotto. Nice flavours, if I were to nitpick, the rice could be a little firmer, and the dish served a bit warmer. But the flavours, reminiscent of lemongrass was fabulous. The mushrooms were excellent. Very good.

We also tried what the menu described as crispy chicken curry.

A huge serving of a breaded chicken cutlet, deep fried to very crisp outside, and nice, tender and juicy inside. And generously sprinkled with a curry powder. The curry was similar to the mild powder one finds in curry wurst in Germany. A bit sweetish, fragrant, and very mild, almost non existent bite. The buttered fries had a kind of salsa vinegar sauce drizzled over it, and that had bits of chilli padi which packed a punch. The salad on the side was also nice and fresh.

The cafe/restaurant itself is right smack inside the museum. Beautifully decorated, though still maintaining a cafe or canteen like atmosphere. Nice. Service was prompt, polite. Servings huge. I recommend the place. Good food.

Food for Thought
National Museum

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