Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chui Xiang Kitchen lobster porridge

Lobster! Sounds expensive...much alike wagyu or abalone. And a favourite of Kin's.

One of my friends recommend this restaurant, in Commonwealth, in a row of shophouses just beside the now defunct bowling alley. So, as it was close to where we lived, we went to try.

The waitress recommended 2 lobsters for the two of us, each weighing about 200g.

The porridge was more like rice in a beautiful, sweet tasting, very aromatic broth. The broth was not overpowering, and the rice was soaking within just long enough to absorb some of the flavours, but not so long as to be mushy. Each grain was still intact. The broth was quite nice.

The lobsters were smallish, but very fresh, probably live. As usual, lobster is a misnomer, this was rather crayfish. The meat was firm, very nicely flavoured, and succulent. Very nice as well.

We also had the spinach in 3 types of egg. Very nice as well. The broth is excellent. The egg cracked over the near boiling soup is quite nice. The century egg and salted duck egg adding to the richness and excellent taste.

Very nice little place. As we ate, we spied the table next to us having sang yee mien...crispy noodles with king prawns in a thick savoury try next time.

Chui Xiang Kitchen (醉香小厨)
38 Commonwealth Avenue

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