Thursday, February 20, 2014

Le Le Wanton Mee

I am a big fan of wanton mee. I can eat it almost everyday. And there are so many variants, varieties...some of them so different from each other that they can qualify as another dish.

I dropped by this little stall in Serangoon Gardens Food Centre (not Chomp Chomp, the other one) to sample this WTM as it had gained some goo reviews from the blogosphere.

The noodles are the thin, Singapore styled factory standard. This contrasts to those we get in KL, where the noodle is a bit thicker, but slightly flattened, so the sectional cut is more an oblong than a circle.

The noodle is very springy, quite nice. The char siew is thinly sliced, and quite savoury. The deep fried wantons are also made from thin pastry which are also factory made. But when deep fried, it is very crisp, and very light, not oily at all. The sauce is a darkish sauce, with a good umami feel, and the chilli is quite extraordinary. Not super spicy, but with a wonderful umami and long after taste...a bit spicy, a light bite from the chilli, but a smooth, very satisfying taste.

The wantons in the soup is made differently than the deep fried one, having a tinge of the flatfish within. The meat filling was a little small, though. But the skin in the broth is very light, and almost transluscent.

Very nice WTM, and another on my list of must eats, along with Eng's and Dajie's.

Le Le Wanton Mee
#01-11, Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre
49A Serangoon Garden Way

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