Monday, November 25, 2013

Steak and Fries: Great ones at Suntec City

Steak and fries. A pretty standard meal in Paris. A simple meal, one might say, but to do a simple meal right, takes courage, and a great chef.

I waxed lyrical about La Bourse au la vie in Paris a while ago. A revisit earlier this year was not so exciting. But from the first visit, the imprint of the magnificent hot fries, crisp on the outside, creamy and smooth on the inside is permanently stored in my mind. Where else can I find such marvellous fries?

Situated in a rather large, cheerfully decorated restaurant just by the giant fountain at Suntec, the restaurant is rather unpretentious. It serves a nice set lunch, of either $19.90++ for salad, steak and fries and a glass of soft drink or $29.90 for the same but slightly larger steak and either a glass of kir or soft drink. Unlimited servings of the marvellous fries.

The steak is sliced, and smothered with a "secret" pepper sauce. The meat is reasonably good. Not the most tender like the US styled dry aged beef, but rather similar to what one gets in Continental Europe. A rather leaner, tougher, more sinewy cut. But nonetheless still quite tender and juicy. The sauce, and a bit of French Dijon mustard is quite delicious.

But as I mentioned in the begining of the review, it is the fries which is outstanding. Crispy golden fries. Really, really good. And they cheerfully give you refills. One one lunch, we went several times before writing this review, we had 4 servings of the fries. Each time, made to order, served piping hot and crisp. Magnificent.

Not the best steak in town, but certainly quite acceptable in taste and portion. But definitely one of the best fries in the city. I highly recommend this restaurant. They have other outlets in Duxton Hill and Pacific Plaza (where they share the premises with &Made).

Photonote: Experimental photography on iPhone 5s. Full sized jpeg exported, tweaked on Photoshop CS4. I must say, quite pleasing. But due to the small sensor size, no selective focussing is possible, and as a result, no bokeh.

Suntec City
6690 7569
Reservations available for large groups only.
Daily 11.30AM to 9.30PM

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