Monday, November 11, 2013

Best Chirashi Sushi: The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza

Chirashi sushi, a champion's meal, if ever there was one. Freshest sashimi, cut, placed on top of a bowl/box of rice. Just wonderful.

Not many great ones are found within reasonable prices in Singapore. The Sushi Bar, a small shop, tucked amongst the hair dressing salons in Far East Plaza. From other blog reports, service can be spotty, but the afternoon when we arrived, it was rather cheerful.

The regular Chirashi Sushi is $25, and huge chunks of shashimi, aburi salmon, salmon, tuna, mekajiki, salmon roe, roasted egg.

And the Premium Chirashi Sushi, at a seasonal price. That afternoon, it was $48.

In addition to the fish one gets in the regular but in larger quantities...for example, 3 pieces of thick cut mekajiki in the premium instead of 2 in the regular. There was the also the addition of premium ingredients, depending on what was available that morning was added. For that afternoon, uni, botan prawn, scallop.

Each, succulent, thick, very fresh, wonderful tasting. My only slight nagging nitpick was that they only used maguro, and not the best example I have eaten. No chu-toro or otoro, even in the premium version. I felt that if one is up to splurge, the premium version is well worth it. The fresh, creamy, fragrant uni and the botan prawn was alone worth the price differential.

I enjoyed the chirashi very much. The stall's speciality is their aburi salmon, which was superb in the chirashi sushi box, but also available a la carte. Highly recommended. But be prepared for the bare minimum ambience...looks and feels like a canteeen, and the spotty service. But also be prepared for excellent, fresh, value for money cuts of raw fish.

The Sushi Bar
#03-89, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road
Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 21:30

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