Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friends Favourites: Beef Noodles at Ngee Ann Poly

School food...used to be a dread...but these days, schools compete for students, and have gone upmarket. Today I feature in Friend's Favourites, a brief food tour of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

In my day in NUS, the best canteen was Eva's Kitchen. While the food was good, the environment was basic. But Canteen 4 of Ngee Ann Poly was like a high end food court in the Orchard belt. Air conditioned, well kept, clean tables and chairs. Very nice.

We were there to try the Beef Noodles, which my friend, a lecturer there, highly recommended. We ordered the upsized portion...increased noodle portion as well as additional ingredients...all for the princely sum of $4.

And a $2 plate of deep fried wantons to be shared.

We helped ourselves to the soup, as well as the pork lard crisps

The noodles were very nice. Cooked to perfection. The noodles were like the ones used in wanton mee...yellow, thin, springy, and very nice texture. The beef sauce was very good as wel...thick, smothering, and savoury. Within, boiled white radish accompanied...I found the radish to be quite flavourful. And the beef itself...very good. Contained slices of beef, brisket and tendon. All extremely tender, and very flavourful.

For dessert, we took the campus bus to Blk 72, to try out the brownie at Fahrenheit 8, a very interesting stall for artisinal ice cream set up as a social enterprise by the students.

They make the brownie on the premises. It was nice, chocolatey, but I did not find it very special or unusual. I was expecting some bits of semi-melted chocholates within, and perhaps some nuts. But this was just a plain brownie. The ice cream we had was salted caramel and rum and raisin...both quite good.

Interesting place to go for lunch, though the canteens get rather crowded during meal times, the food was excellent, and the pricing unbeatable. Recommended.

Noodle stall
Blk 43 Ground floor, Canteen 4.
Bus stop is Bus stop 4.

8 Fahrenheit
OurSpace@Blk 72
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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