Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chicken Biryani: Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Nasi Biryani...many varieties...but the one I so love is the Hyderabadi style dum biryani.

As I understand it the dum style is cooking in a sealed pot...keeps the heat in, and cooking is by the steam generated. The Hyderabadi style is where the marinated meat and usually parboiled basmati rice is cooked together.

In Singapore, most biryani sold by the typical Indian or Mamak stalls are made in a huge pot. I prefer the ones made in small single portion pots like those I used to enjoy in Mumbai and Delhi.

So it was interesting to me, when my good friend Eddie Sng brought me to this place in Simpang Bedok, which serves single portion biryani, done dum style.

I am not sure if its individually cooked dum there was no seal to the copper pot. Typically a handkerchief or a pastry layer is used to seal the pot, and the layer is cracked open at the table, releasing wonderful aromas.

But the basmati used is beautiful long grained. The spices were very nice. Very fragrant, aromatic. Tasted heavenly. The meat, being cooked in the steam trapped by the seal is wonderfully tender...truly fork tender.

Very nice. Perhaps one of the better chicken biryani I have had for a very long time.

On this occassion, we frequent this restaurant quite often, Eddie had some pratas...which look awesomely crisp.

I did not try it, but he confirmed it was very good.

And for me the chicken biryani was enough for many returns. Very nice, and highly recommended.

Mahamoodiya Restaurant
335 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469510
6446 5176


Anonymous said...

There's a stall in Tekka FC which serves briyani in individual claypots. They are kept warm in a big heater. It's located across from Temasek indian rojak.

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the stall at Tekka pls?