Monday, August 5, 2013

Authentic Thai: Mad Thai.

Wandering into a restaurant, sans reservation, sans recommendation is not usually something I do often...but one Sunday afternoon, after church service, we thought of lunching at Oh's Deli on their superb roast pork, but alas, it was done only on order. So we skipped acrossed the road, and spied this curious restaurant...named Mad Thai.

Intrigued by the name, we browsed the menu, and a gentleman came out to entreat us to enter, highliting some items on the menu. Very nice service! So we dropped in...the decor was quite nice...soothing.

Started our meal with a typical Thai salad...the mango salad

Quite a decent sized serving...heaped with julienned Thai mango, drizzled with fish sauce, chilli and crushed peanuts. Tasted very authentic, beautiful flavours...sour, sweet, spicy, salty and very aromatic.

We also order the Panang Beef Curry

Typically a thick red curry, this version had the gravy a bit less viscous than I anticipated. The gravy was very rich coconut flavours, with a touch of spice. The beef, seemed to be high quality beef, was sliced thinly, and was a bit over powered by the rather strong gravy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this dish, especially as a counterpoint to the sour, salty mango salad.

One of their signature dishes is the Home made Tofu with seafood

What a beautiful dish...a magnificent splash of colours. Fresh seafood...the fish, prawns, and squid were very nice and fresh. The tofu made in house, and deep fried before being doused with the thick gravy. Very nice. Flavours a bit muted, but in combination to the other two dishes, quite superbly balanced.

Seemed to be a very interesting restaurant, with some beautiful flavours and good service. Recommended.

Mad Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine & Charcoal Barbecue
384 East Coast Road
6348 6686

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