Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dutch Colony: great picolo latte

Getting a good espresso or latte is getting easier in Singapore these days. Gone are the days when Starbucks and the large coffee joints dominate...and in are the days of the little cafes, where owners are passionate about coffee, and the ubiquitious roaster takes pride of place in the shop.

The Dutch Colony is one such artisanal espresso place. The roaster takes center stage...

As is typical in stores like these, they sell roasted beans...and of course, coffee is ground to order, pulled on an 3 group espresso machine...I don't remember what the make of the machine was, but its a large commercial one.

I ordered a picolo I tend to do when I am not sure of the ability of the cafe to pull a nice espresso doppio.

Usually, it is only after I have tried and satisfied with the small latte (less milk than a regular latte), I try the espresso, and when I really like what I taste on the espresso, I attempt to order a ristretto. Ristrettos are difficult animals to pull...even an experienced barista will not always pull a beautiful ristretto shot...too many variables I guess.

Beautiful. Just magnificent. The espresso base was nice, sweet, full bodied mouthfeel. The amount of milk added was just nice...enriching the espresso shot, instead of overwhelming it. Very nice.

Next time I am there, will try the espresso.

Nice, relaxed cafes tend to be...a bit rustic environment, being situated in the middle of a marketplace. Good place for a chill and a nice cuppa.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co
PasarBella @ The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road

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