Monday, May 13, 2013

ToTT Bistro

TOTT...a place to shop for kitchen utensils and cookware for both professional kitchens as well as home kitchens. But within, a little cafeteria has continued to gain reputation as a good, and reasonably priced place to eat.

We ordered the food at the counter, pay at the cashier, and find a table. The food is served. It was quite fast for our order...first up, the chicken cutlet, which they call Southern Fried Chicken...boneless breaded chicken, deep fried and served with some coleslaw, french fries, and a sauce.

The chicken looked wonderful. Nice, breaded, crispy. Taste wise it was quite good. The chicken is quite juicy and tender. But the crispy parts were rather special. The dipping sauce was a bit salty to my taste buds, but my lunch companion was happy slurping it up with her chips.

The garlic bread served with both my order of chicken and my lunch companion's steak. But both were so stale and so hard, I told the waiter, and they served a replacement...which turned out to be exactly the same. This kind of standard is absolutely not acceptable. I demanded to see the chef, who came out, apologised and went in to prepare two pieces of garlic bread anew. The fresh ones were much better, but a bit too much butter and was oily.

Anyway, my companion's lunch was a sirloin steak

She ordered it medium...and it was delivered thus...

Methinks a bit rare for a steak which was supposed to be medium, where I expect to see only a tiny bit of pink on the inside. But the steak tasted ok...quite similar to those you get at food courts, which in this case is a small disappointment as this steak costs $24.90 instead of the usual $12 or so.

Overall, the food is quite ok..rather enjoyable, in actuality. But I am slightly disappointed with the garlic bread and the prices.

ToTT Bistro
896 Dunearn Road 01-01A, S(589472)
6443 8221

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