Monday, May 6, 2013

Satay by the Bay: Satay, of course! At Top Satay

Satay by the interesting hawker centre right smack between Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage.

A frequent drink stop for many cyclists who ride around the area, I decided to stop one evening for some satay. Reputation is that it is very good. I had tried some from the City Satay stall there, but suffice to say, uninspiring. So this time, we decided to try the Malay stalls.

The sataymen in attendance were quite chatty..."Satay Club? No more Satay Club anymore la...they all bluff. Now we are second, third or even fourth generation satay sellers. Where got original from Satay Club? All retired or passed on."

Interesting, methots. Grilling of the satay is done in traditional style...over hot charcoal. But how does it taste?

Very good. We ordered beef and mutton. The beef was a bit tough, just a tad so. But the mutton was brilliant. Both were very beautifully flavoured. The sauce, or kuah as it is called in Malay, is quite good as well. Nice, crushed peanuts.Smooth sauce, very rich.


Top Satay
Satay by the Bay

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